Lesson : Snow and More

In this lesson you will learn how to say cold, snow, weather, and many other useful words. There is fun in the mix. Don’t just attempt to learn Nepali in one day or 15 days. Take it slowly pal!

We are pushing as many videos as possible but we want you to grasp the basics first. Once you have a few words in mind, the rest is just peace of cake. Also, mind you, our goal isn’t here to make you write Nepali, but help you speak the language and also understand when someone speaks.

For best results, re-watch videos, go back to previous lessons to refresh your knowledge, then don’t forget to practice with your friends and family.

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Bhupendra Lamsal Sharma

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Hot = Tatow
Cold = Cheeshow
it’s very cold = YakDaam Jadho Chaa
It’s very Hot = YakDaam Jadho Chaa
very = Daam
All = Yo Sabaee
Love = Maya
Snow = Heu
Bunches = Dherai
Look = HairNu
Play = KheLaw (to ask someone to play)
How = KaShaRee

Need help? comment, ask. Know more, help others by adding words (but must be related to this topic)

I have written the English easier for you to pronounce, others may write it differently, e.g. Play could be written as KheLa (but English tongue would pronounce that as Khe and then the La would be Laaaa, Law sounds better there, just a bit of Law sound ok!)

take care.

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