EcoTourism in Nepal Can Go Further

EcoTourism in Nepal

First and foremost, the term Eco often referring to Ecology or Ecosystem is used to create a travel package attractive, innovative. Wow!
Many travel agents and operators don’t even know what the heck eco-tourism really is, Also this doesn’t apply only to Nepal.

In order to get to the bottom of this, let us a learn something about the EcoTourism in a few elaborated bullet points…

So the next time you buy EcoTourism package whether in Nepal or other countries, for this matter, see what’s on your menu and also see check with the travel company; does it actually perform its duty or just grabs your green notes!
And lucky for us, Investigation is easy; visit sites, read testimonials and ask all the questions before you sign up. Travel companies should also have money back guarantee as an extension customer service, something that is likely to be seen in our country pretty soon.
Ecotourism lovers love culture, people and heritage, and if you perform bad and turn them down, you are losing your future customers. Please one and you will be please many…
Happy *Tihar* to you all!

p.s. (ha? what? If you are new to the word “Tihar”, just google, keyword : “Tihar Festival”)

See you next time,

— Bhupendra Lamsal Sharma

Meaning of EcoTourism

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I am very happy to learn from your sie the meaning of eco-tourism and it is not just eco- tourism it is all about eco-mind.

I have been working on this concept since 1988 and I am finding the world like eco, sustaianable, responsible are rather misused and real consumer are very much disapointed. In this business you can not cheat as you can not cheat teh Natuer however the custmers are only buying becasue nice wirte up abotu eco-tourism.

I would like request you to ahve a look at our website and also visit our other site;
kantipurtemplehouse, gaunghar, gaidawildlife, koshitappu,

we have created real eco- tourism products but our challange how can we mrket such to the real customer. Many customers would like to buy eco-tourism products but unfortunately they are buying many worong products beacseu those who market eco- tourism are just best in putting right key words but not the real eco ground work.

Please have a look at our site and your comment will be highly appreciated.

Best regards,

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