Photos of Nepal – Lamjung – Part 1

A few months back, I had the golden opportunity of traveling to Lamjung which was something I always wanted to do.

I took some snaps and wanted to share them with you.

Still the computer is not working, but I am able to upload some.

I hope you enjoy what’s here.

Lamjung is one the districts of Nepal. I went to Besi Sahar and bangre. Sahar in Nepali means City or Bazaar. If you are looking for a cleaner Sahar of Nepal, then there more inside the hidden mountains. Take your walking stick or whatever you can hold, get out of the big and crowded cities to find not villages but beautiful Sahars that will touch your heart. Lumjung is one them.

Lamjung Nepal Photo 1

Nepal Lamjung Besi Bazzar







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really what a couyntry is this? we never get to see such beautiful scene in india.

Oh……Gr8 photos……

Did u go toward Bhorletar…If U do so please upload photo of Bhorletar area…which is my native……Please do send me if u do still have….

God bless u.

that’s Great Photography ! It’s my District, Pls done upload other site if abailble,

DId u went to ghanpokhara besi if not than plz go there ,there u can find the the stream call [PHEMRO KHOLA] every one know the name of stream, its boarder line of ward no 7 n 8 there u can find the great water fall ..really it will be the plus point for this page,,plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

I hope to hear from Indu, where is she ?

A few more photos are coming soon sent via email to us by a Nepali who went to this Lamjung. It would indeed be wonderful to see that water-fall. Thanks for the name and I can’t wait to see that. I am passing your comment to Indu who does pretty well and may be she might go there someday.

See her latest post as of March 11 2008

i like the pic of bhorletar plz can u upload some more pic of bhorletar. I am frm bhorletar and now i am in australia.

it’s a gr8 if u have more pic of lamjung plz can u update it thank gr8 gob

hey where i m ??????????
i think its a part of heaven so guys u most come at once here……. muhh

jeevan, I will contact Indu and see if she has any pictures or she might login and upload as per your request. thanks

Please give some information of each places and each villages of lamjung district with their photograph. Its help for the study of related persons.

My permanent address is Jeeta VDC- 6, Lamjung. It is necessary to me photograph of my places as whole Vdc too.So, This are certainly need to me.

I will try to create part 2 when one of the site admin upload other photos. Did you like them ?

It is great to see these pics. Do you have any of Gaun Sahar (up above Besi Sahar)? I lived there for 2 years when I was American Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal in 1970-71.

Great to see the place I was born.
Thank you

Geat fren!!!!Thanks first of all…I am sucked to saw my village picture…..Actually…..I really thanks you …..Coz…The fourth Picutre is my birthplace-Siranchowk…I study at pokhara…..Lots of thanks and bless to take my village photo….
Again………………………..I am so happy fren…

Hi thanks for the photo of lamjug in your webpage. you try to give the information of lamjung to all the people if u need any help massage me i will send you information of lamjung

Please give some information of each places and each villages of lamjung district spcicially jita besi vard no.9 village ( photo ).

surely lamgung has come front to boom the village tourism of nepal.simplicity of the people living there attracts everyone.youngster like us should take an initiation to promote village tourism in lamjung.It lies between ktm and pokhara so it has extra advantageous to local tourist too. plz update this .Koiralaphant of lamjung is one of the historical place of nepal.It’s origin of B.P. koirala ancestor. One of the Ethnic group called “Dura “are also living there with there rich culture. Thanks


i am really very glad and proud of the endeavor of lamjungi people who put their effort to constitute these enthralling pictures of our lamjung.I really appreciate this work and hoping to meet the lamjungi in usai.i love my lamjung and my birthplace Bhakunde.

I am really happy to see the pictures of “Bhachowk Danda” and besishahar.My birthplace is “Khanche, Banjhakhet”So,If you have collection of photos related to those areas,I will be very happy to see that if attached.

Really awesome pictures.

Hi! I am really happy to see my heaven where I was born. If u have photoes of my village alkatar then upload please.

The collection of pics wrere awesome. Even though i m not from lamjung i reall love the sceneari.

hi its me Sanjeev Koirala from Adelaide,South Australia. Iam from Neta 9, Lamjung, Gandaki Zone. I kindly request you to keep the photo of my village if it is possible. Please I will help you from my side.

hello all lamjunge

i am from tiwaridandha.if anyone knows where that is please get in touch?

I am very happy to see my house in pictures thanks for uploading this.I was from RANIPANI BHORLETAR.Now I am in India(bareilly).If U has more photo’s then please upload it.

Hi namaste guys
i am sobit adhikari besishahar-6 dithoke,i am really happy to seee me and my existance in this up load photo,so i appreciate u.hope i will have more about my great lamjung
thanks u

sir i want to visit bhorletar if someone have some photo or map of bhorletar can send in my email id or

thank you

HI Tilak…
I am also frm Rani Pani Bhorletar…MY we introduce ourself…plz do response me at

Hope we know each other …N joy….

i am really so glad to see about my district in on line

Thank you very much for uploading the pictures of my hometown (Bhorletar). It’s just Beautiful…..

The informations shown here are very impressiveto me. It would be better if the datas published here be up-dated.

i wanna my villge ………….

wow its really the coll place
i love lamjung and ghale gaun

Really a great picture. Thanks alot for photographer.

sudip ghimire
Now From JHAPA, Damak from UNHCR office

iam so lucky bcz i look my side lamjung so peace

I love 2much my lamjung who was up-loaded photo thanks for him lamjung so cool and lovely .

hi!!!!! lamjung guys….sallammmmmm cha hai.mero pani lamjung,bhotewodar ho,anyone who check out dis site ,plz contact,i am homesick my beloved bhotewodar

Hey all the lamjung basi haru. if you want to know more about lamjung u can visit our district website. elamjung dot com which covers the latest news about lamjung.

ma pani besisahar ko ho ni. hal bidesh ma chu.. and nice to c u all people in this site and thx to nepalvista for the beautiful photo of besisahar

Really I am lucky to see my luvly village’s snap frm here Kwt..

Also its great my furtune to get Binay’s mail add:

So, Binay dis is me frm Laxmi Bazaar (X-school, H.E.B.S.frn). Could u keep me on touch?……

Excellent pictures,it shows real nepal & beautyness.
great joj……..
looking forward same.

Hi to all.
I am thankul to the people who have contributed and make this site available to us.
I am wishing best for your endevaour.

Hello My dear all from Lamjung..

Sounds lovely to read ur comments..haha..Hope most of us r not in Lamjung rt now..Guys n gals I have created community in Orkut, wherein we can be in touch n discuss all about very own there..Hope U ppl will visit the community N b a part of it.

Links goes it way.

Thanx in advance.
Binaya Bhandari (

thanks for your incredible job, still if you have gone bit further to village areas, i i am sure you would love that..

Thanks a lot for provide of lamjung maps,I would like to request that to provide all villages and vdc photographs if have possible.Thank you.

[...] Previous Photos, plese follow this link >> Lumjung Photos Part 1 [...]

I found more, even breath-taking photos at the new post, guys you will enjoy this one as well. Just visit this link

I like to visit lamjung .

where i was boran in lamjung chandisthan v.d.c but now i ma very far from that place but i never forget my child hode thanks for provide of lamjung map…………..


not of more trhan of describe of lamjung

all the best

i born in lamjung district so i always love my place it was reayaly good place i mish it so so much

thes photo are so good but no more we want. i think every village photo include hear and give the name of this village. thank for that who take wonderfull photo of my lovely place. thank you


Lamjung is so best place n there were lots of place 2 visit
but i luv Ghale Gau. Bcoz i that place where i can find lots of beautiful things and people

wow its good.feel good keep continue.if u can plz have some photo of banglung pani which is my native place and its beautiful.if u go there u will like going in heaven.bye keep it up …

Really i am so lucky thats why i was born in bhorletar a (part of heaven)

sampurna lamjung base ma mero tarfa bata namaskar.
mero ghar lamjung besishahar trivani tool ho.
ma aahili bedash ma chu ra lamjung ko aatenai miss gariko chu, malai chinu hune sathi vai harulai malai yo add ma mail garnu hola

first of all thanks to miss Indu who did published the picture of my belove place lamjung bhorletar Rani Pani.i really appreciated what you have done thank you very much.i can see my house is lovely place is’t it? i do love my bhorletar Ranipani.i would say lamjung is the best place to live.

khushi lagyo lamjung herna pauda tra aafu janmeko gaun khudilai herna napauda ali kasto kasto lagyo plz khudi ko pni 2/4 copy photo rakhne garnu hai

Hi all of my fren of ranipani……….
I think i am so lucky becoz i was born in a part of heaven(ranipani)………
plz upload more photo….

mero gar lamjunng chandisthan sera ma pardachha . hal aahile ma dubai ma kam gardai chu . ma yaha bata lamjung ko mape dhekhana pauda aatinai khusi lagyo ra picture down load garne indu kafle lagi dhanebade dhinachanchu. ra yasarinai aagami din haruma pani pathaudai garnu hola. ra aaudo bada dashian ko upalaxche ma sampurna lamjung basi lagi suvhakamana didai malai chinu hune le mero e- mail ma e-mail garna sakanu huncha . ok bye

sampurna lamjung base haruma mero trapha bata namaskar cha mero nam janak suyal ho mero ghar chnadisthal sera ma pardachha . hal ma dubai ma kam gardai chhu . aafano thauko picture herana pauda khusi lagyo ra down load garne indu kafle lagi dhanebad chha .yasarinai aagami din haruma pani phataudai garnu hola .malai chine hune sati hura lamjung base ma bijaya dashami ko suvhakamana chha .

mreo e-mail address.

yah i lov my birth place n its really beautiful….chandreshwor-3…….

My name is Ghanraj Karki. I am from Mulpani-2 Kathmandu. I am looking for my friend Akriti Gurung. We know each other well. She might have forgotten me but I haven’t. In 2058 bs we both gave SLC from from the same exam center.

She was from one of the school in Kapan and i m from Mahakave Devkota Memorial English Secondary School, mulpani, ktm. During that time we became good friends now where she is and what she is doing…………so please anyone know her please email me………..any hints will be highly appreciable.


so nice photo of lamjung besisahar iam too much happy to looking my place

Oh I’m really Happy to look these pictures….My village is really beautiful…….”JANANI JANMA VUMISCHA SWARGA DAPI GARIESI”

सम्झेर भेट्न बोलाएँ तिमीलाई

hi iam very very happy look thish picture khudi-3 tunikharka

These all pictures are woderful.i love to see it very much.i wish if i can see whole town pictures of besishahar. so please if somebody have it add it here.thanks

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a part of heaven is in world is ranipani…….

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