Eddie Murphy Will Visit Nepal ?

  Eddie Murphy Sir – will you visit Nepal… please !   A question just came to our head as wanted to combine a list of Hollywood Actors and Actress visiting Nepal including the Musical Artists from the U.S. and from around the world. Today I learned that his name is being hot in the [...]

Air Routes and One Way Ticket

Air Routes and One Way Ticket   The answer depends on where you are traveling from.  With one of the best welcoming tourism services available at any Airport in The World, many nationalities can enjoy vising Nepal by getting up to a six months VISA at the Airport. Nepal Embassy or Consulate Offices are pretty [...]

Learn Words From Office Episodes

Those of you who wanted to learn a few words you could use in your office to surprise that American or who-ever friend you have, here you go. For more visit our channel found on youtube it’s called lolnepal, just search there upon visiting main site. LN Office Episodes 1 of 5 LN Office Episodes [...]

10 Reasons To Get Out Of Kathmandu

10 Reasons to Get The HECK OUT OF KATHMANDU So, you are with your family or friends or even alone and you have landed in Nepal for a vacation. What can we say that could make you start learning more to find other destinations to travel within the country as well as what other activities [...]

Lockup Abroad Shows Nepali Police As Intro in National Gegraphic Programs.

  Nepal’s #1 Smuggling is GOLD and it has benefited not only smugglers, but those who land their feet in Customs Department as an Employee. When Nepalese, no I a not generalizing here, but to many away from Nepal, seeing something about the country on your satellinte TV makes you feel good. Perhaps nostalgia about [...]

Trekking Permit and Others Could be FREE

On September 2010, Nepal Government waived the Royalty fee and Free Visa for certain locations in the country which includes up to 50% waived to Dhaulagiri (for anyone trekking til the end of December 2011), and a free VISA is given for Mount Everest and Dhaulgiri Climbers. In addition to that, Government has waived fees [...]

Vote for No Bandhaa for 2011

Please comment below and write down NO to simply vote to give your helping hands to Nepal’s Tourism Board and other affiliated organizations that are responsible for carrying out the upcoming festival. To learn goto http://www.nepalvista.com/2011 (link opens in a new window or tab) When everything stops (Bandha or Bandhaa or often called Chakka (Wheel) [...]

2 M 2 Go For New Tourism Festival

Nepal’s new tourism festival 2011 is approaching faster than expected. Many of the wondering eyes have been looking around to see what’s the difference between this one vs the one back in 2007 ? What measures are in place to get an unexpected amount of tourists to this land which never had not even a [...]

Buda and Budi Part 2 LN Series

Second part of the Series of Nepali Lessons to help you speak the language. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel. Leave comment below to ask for tutorials or teach others on how to pronounce. You can also help others learn by adding a few more stuffs here… Nepali Tutorial – Series : Buda and Budi [...]

Buda and Budi Part 1 of LN Podcast

What does Buda and Budi mean in Nepali ? Learn about it here in this new Series brought to you by Nepalvista.com